Kitchenware maintenance is very important, picking pots and boiling pots

Time:2018-12-26 09:39:28

The dishes are not good, except the skill of cooking is very important, and the pot is also very important. A good pot is just a treat for a small partner who likes to cook. But in fact, a good pot can also be raised by yourself.

Here are some points to pay special attention to the pots.

1. The new pot is opened. The first time you open the pot, the metal pores on the outside of the pot will be smoother. You can use the rice water to heat in the pot, then pour off the water, and then use a piece of fat meat to circle the pot until the fat becomes a small oil residue.

2. Prevent empty burning. Do not dry for a long time, do not use hot water to heat the pot immediately, wash it with warm water or cool with cold water.

3. Regularly raise the pot. Pour the oil into the cold pan and evenly spread the medium and small hot pot for two minutes. If you need to cook, you can start to take care of it at this moment. If it is timed maintenance, drain the oil and clean it with a tissue.

4, a small amount of ingredients in the paste pot treatment. When you encounter a sticky pot, the pot is still hot, soak in warm water, or boil for 10 minutes, then use a sponge or soft loofah.

5, to prevent scratching the appearance of the pot. You don't need iron utensils such as iron shovel and steel balls. It is recommended to eat the ingredients that are difficult to wash.

The maintenance of kitchen utensils is very important. Many small partners who like to cook will run around for a good pot. The iron pot is well used, it is easier to use than all kinds of non-stick pans, there will be a film on the surface, the light can not form a film, do not use detergent. If you have to use it, you have to re-cook it.

In addition, there is actually a small way to teach you how to choose stainless steel pots. If it is a stainless steel appliance, it can be sucked with a magnet. If the iron can be sucked up, it means that it contains manganese, which is unqualified. Food grade stainless steel is chrome, and some merchants add manganese to reduce costs. Have you learned the skills of picking pots and raising pots?

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