The truth! The cooking master said that the stainless steel pot is used correctly.

Time:2018-12-26 09:46:34

The stainless steel pot has a natural high value, and it also has the cooking advantages of low temperature, low carbon, less smoke and less oil, making it gradually become the mainstream pot in our kitchen. There are many people who like stainless steel pots, but the ones that are really used are less pitiful. Therefore, many people will think that stainless steel pot cooking is easy to stick and difficult to clean, and they dare not buy it. Below, give everyone some cautious attention to the perfect control of stainless steel pots.

1. How to control the fire?

If you want to tame the stainless steel pot, you must first get rid of the cooking technique of the iron pot. Stainless steel pots and old-fashioned woks have been different in many ways. The method is wrong, and it doesn't stick to the mess. The stainless steel pot has good thermal conductivity and heat transfer, and has high durability. Even after the fire is turned off, the pot is still warm for a long time. Therefore, try to use medium and small fires when using, be sure to pay attention to the flame not to exceed the bottom of the pan to avoid food scorching, but also to avoid yellowing or blackening of the pan.

2. How to turn the stainless steel pot into a non-stick pan?

Many small partners say that it is too easy to fry the food in a stainless steel pot. If you cook it, you don't know how much time it takes to wash the pot. It is not easy to use! In fact, stainless steel pot cooking can also be non-stick, the key is that you know how to warm up. When the pot reaches a constant temperature of 160 ° C - 180 ° C, it has a physical non-stick effect. To tame a stainless steel pot, you have to master the following two preheating methods:

Method 1: Hot pot cold oil (suitable for meat, eggs, soy products, etc.). After heating the pan for 1 to 2 minutes with a medium fire (not more than the bottom of the pan), sprinkle a small amount of water into the pan. If the water droplets can immediately form rolling water drops, the pot is hot enough. Can be transferred to the fire, dry the water drops, pour the oil and spread the oil evenly in the pot, you can put the ingredients.

Method 2: Cold oil cold pot (suitable vegetables). Pour the oil into the pot and spread the bottom of the pot with the ground, then put the ingredients and cover the lid, then heat it on medium heat. When there is moisture in the lid, open the lid and stir fry the juice, put in the seasoning, turn off the heat, and then use the waste heat to stir fry.

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