Advantages of stainless steel composites

Time:2018-12-29 03:00:00

A composite material is a composite material composed of two or more alloys, and a material having a new property is formed macroscopically by a physical method. Usually the surface is 304, with a layer of aluminum in the middle and 430 on the outside. The 304 materials use 18-10 cash medical grade stainless steel, which is safer and healthier than the aluminum pans on the market. Stable and fast.

Various materials complement each other in performance and produce synergistic effects, so that the composite material's overall performance is superior to the original composition materials to meet various requirements.

Through continuous innovation and innovation, the Chicheng company has launched a new composite material of steel copper and titanium steel, which can be applied to IH rice cookers, mobile lithium batteries and copper doors to improve product performance and structure.

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