Which is better for 304 steel and 316 steel when selecting tableware? Conscience merchants tell the truth

Time:2019-03-12 09:28:14

With the provision of people's living standards, people nowadays have higher and higher requirements for quality of life. More and more attention is paid to food safety issues. Food safety issues are not only manifested in the food that you eat. There are also many hidden dangers in the daily life. Don't neglect it. For example, choose tableware, especially stainless steel cutlery, like electric kettle, stainless steel tableware and These common furniture, such as stainless steel pots, must be taken care of when selecting. After all, these things are closely related to our health. The furniture on the market generally has two materials, one is 304 stainless steel, the other is 316 stainless steel, then have you ever thought about it, when choosing tableware, which is better for 304 steel and 316 steel? Conscience merchants have told the truth, don't be pitted!


Conscience merchants say that although these two things are only one word difference, the difference is still very big. Let's first talk about 304 stainless steel. He said that as long as the regular manufacturers produce 304 stainless steel cutlery, there is quality guarantee. This kind of stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, so just carefully Observe, you will find a lot of furniture, including electric kettle, stainless steel pot has a number of 304. And 304 stainless steel furniture can meet the needs of the average family. Then the merchant explained to us 316 stainless steel. In fact, from the practical point of view, 316 stainless steel is an improved version or evolution version of 304 stainless steel. Its corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance are better, so it is generally used in higher level. Equipment and food, such as watches and clocks are generally used 316 stainless steel!


The merchant said that from the above analysis, we can know that 316 stainless steel is more dominant, so its price is also more expensive. Some black-hearted merchants on the market are holding 304 stainless steel products, but they are selling 316 stainless steel prices, in order to obtain huge profits in the middle, so when looking for furniture, you must see clearly, don’t be foolish and not pitted. I know, in fact, if it is household, 304 stainless steel furniture can fully meet our needs, do not blindly pursue the price of expensive, healthier concept, this material is not harmful to the body, do not spend unnecessary money!


In summary, when choosing tableware, which is better for 304 steel and 316 steel? After reading the above analysis, I believe that everyone has a lot of thoughts. Thanks to the conscience merchants, this is his big truth. When you buy furniture, you must keep one more and keep your eyes. Don’t buy it and find it is pitted. It’s late. . Finally, the merchant also shared with us a little knowledge of buying an electric kettle. He said that the material of the electric kettle will generally have a logo display, and as long as it is a regular manufacturer, there is generally no problem!

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