Precautions for the use of stainless steel pots? What should I do if the stainless steel pot becomes dark?

Time:2019-04-16 09:47:32

Stainless steel pot is a common kitchen item in the family nowadays. The stainless steel pot is not only fashionable, but also very careless. However, when using stainless steel pot, you must pay attention to some related problems, so that you can choose the stainless steel pot correctly. When the stainless steel pot is used, it will often cause the stainless steel pot to turn black. At this time, it not only affects the appearance but also affects the health of the body. Therefore, let us know how to do the stainless steel pot. Let's take a look at the detailed introduction.

Precautions for using stainless steel pots? What should I do if the stainless steel pot turns black?

Precautions for using stainless steel pots:

1. It should be noted that the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is small, the heat dissipation at the bottom is slow, and the temperature is easy to concentrate. Therefore, when using stainless steel cookware, the firepower should not be too large. Try to make the bottom heating surface wide and even, so that it can save fuel and avoid burning food at the bottom of the pan. .

2. If the bottom of the pot is cokeed with food, it can be softly soaked with water and then scraped off with bamboo and wood chips. It is not scraped with a sharp knife such as a kitchen knife; after washing, it is used for drying the soft cloth and then placed in a dry place.

3. After using the tableware for a period of time, the surface of the stainless steel will have a layer of mist, which will make the surface of the tableware dark. At this time, you can use a soft cloth dampened with decontamination powder or detergent to restore the light. This method can also be used if the outer surface is blackened by smoke.

4, tableware should avoid collision with sharp objects, so as to avoid scratches and scars affecting the appearance and sealing performance.

5. When using stainless steel pot, do not let the bottom of the pot have water stains. When it is used on a briquettes furnace, since the coal ball contains sulfur, it will produce sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide during combustion. When it encounters water, it will produce sulfurous acid and sulfuric acid, which will corrode the bottom of the pot.

Stainless steel pan blackening:

1. After the stainless steel pot is burnt, there will be some burnt food sticking to the pot. It is difficult to remove it. We can soak it in water for a period of time and then soften it and it will be easy to remove.

2, the mountain red can go to the bottom of the pot to cook rice, stir-fry, if the bottom of the pot paste, you can put a few mountains in the red pot, add a little cold water to boil (do not burn), the bottom of the pot will soon be removed.

3, apply toothpaste, use a cloth dipped in water, rub hard, economical, and do not hurt the pot, but rubbing may be a little effort.

4, tomatoes to the bottom of the pot is not a good tomato, boiled in the pot, naturally will fall.

5, beer and liquor to the bottom of the pot if you accidentally paste the pot, the bottom of the pot has a pot, if it is not easy to brush off, you can pour a little white wine and beer with a small amount of water (ratio 2:2:1) mixed, After the cover is placed for 5 minutes, it is easy to clean.

6. Sprinkle with a high concentration of sodium hydroxide solution (such as 100 grams of water, 50 grams of sodium hydroxide, because it is strong corrosion must be equipped with acid and alkali resistant gloves, can not be used for cleaning aluminum products), and then scraped with a steel ball. If you find "sodium percarbonate or sodium perborate", you can directly pour boiling water, then add boron or carbon, soak it to the water temperature and then pour it off. The former two methods are to remove charred oil, and the latter is to remove the color after burning yellow.

7, pan the scorch removal of the pot to add water to boil, add a small amount of detergent, put it for one night, then scrub, you can remove. A layer of oil is required after scrubbing.

8, stainless steel pot is easy to stain black scale, difficult to brush, now just add the water to the larger pot in the home, put some pineapple skin, then put the smaller pot into the whole, boil for twenty minutes, to be taken out cold, Everyone is as bright as new!

9, the metal utensils rust, with salt and lemon juice, it can quickly remove rust, but also can polish the glare of the utensils.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the use of stainless steel pots, stainless steel pots must pay attention to the method in use, in order to properly use the stainless steel pot, in addition, in use, if accidentally lead to stainless steel pot Turn black, don't worry, you can choose the method mentioned above to try, so that you can solve the problem of blackening the stainless steel pot.

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