Huang Guojun, deputy secretary of the Wucheng District Party Committee, investigated Zhejiang Chicheng

Time:2019-05-28 03:22:33

On May 27, 2019, the deputy secretary of the Weicheng District Party Committee and the head of the district, Huang Guobiao, led the principals of the District Office, the District Financial Office, the District Economic and Trade Bureau, the District Finance Bureau and other relevant units to investigate Zhejiang Chicheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. In the Zhejiang Chicheng District, Huang Guozhen not only learned about the company's products, cared about the company's production and management, and paid attention to the development of the company. He also asked the enterprises on the spot to help the enterprises solve the problems. Xia Wei, the general manager of the company, warmly received the visiting leaders and introduced the company's production and operation situation, technical strength and research and development to the visiting leaders. The head of Huang Guozhen encouraged the company to boost confidence, adhere to the industry, strengthen the main business, and use stainless steel composite The technical advantages of materials, improve innovation capabilities and enhance core competitiveness.




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